Veils of Wisdom

I am a big fan of simplicity. We can discuss fancy paradoxes and create thought-provoking fiction or philosophy. But behind all this I truly believe the truth is here now, right under our nose. So I offer my first attempt to write something modern, inspired by the style of 'spoken word' poetry, that conveys the … Continue reading Veils of Wisdom


Right and Wrong part 2

(Click here for part 1) “So right and wrong exist?” persisted the student. “Your questioning will lead you nowhere.” “What must I ask?” said the student confused. “Do you want to know if right and wrong exist in student that identifies to a self, or one that does not.” The monk thought about this for … Continue reading Right and Wrong part 2

Post-truths or Pre-fiction, blurring the lines of reality.

Since the US presidential elections there is much talk about post-truth in politics.  This confusing terminology refers to a political approach that relies on a narratives without regards to facts. A time where social opinion is shaped using ‘fake-news’, ‘conspiracies’ and ‘propaganda’.  There is nothing new to this approach; many historical events have been driven … Continue reading Post-truths or Pre-fiction, blurring the lines of reality.